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We are open to all who are curious about Jesus, and welcome anyone who would like to learn more!

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20687 Amar Road, Suite 3

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Pastor Andy and his wife Lisa have created a wonderful community for those around Cerritos, CA by starting their church  HeavenboundLogo  in 1994. With their personal time and attention given to each and every person they encounter, Pastor Andy and Lisa have been there for the HB community through thick and thin.

Whether for weddings, counseling, or just to ask him questions about religion and spirituality, Pastor Andy is willing to sit and talk with anyone. His door is always open, and his family has always opened their hearts and time for their church members, friends, and even strangers.

Pastor Andy and Lisa have written Books and create Videos to teach, inspire, challenge, and comfort regarding topics in Christianity today.



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Do you seek change in your life, but don't know how to start? Be proud of yourself, your accomplishments, and live your life to the fullest knowing you're plugged into Christ's Spirit!

Push aside guilt and hangups you may have suffered from past mistakes, and propel to greater heights. Look to God as your lifesaver!

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Premarital Counseling

When you are about to take the next step in your relationship, it is essential to go through Premarital Counseling together.

It's always best to address any issues, concerns or questions you might have before such an important decision in your life as getting married. Remember: Before the ring, get Premarital Counseling!

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Marriage Counseling

You might feel lost, confused, frustrated, or "tied in knots" about your marriage. Sometimes a fresh perspective from a caring mediator can completely change what direction you're relationship is going in.

Change from the inside out, and you'll see how amazing things can become when you're transformed!

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Thank you so much for spending the time to check out our website, we appreciate your interest in learning more about HeavenboundLogo !

We are always here to provide our surrounding community with love, support, kindness, and aim to open people's minds and hearts to the Good News.

We offer various services such as:

Please Contact Us if you have any questions, are interested in learning more about our church, are in need of any services, or just looking for some help and guidance.


NIV vs. KJV vs. NASV vs. Peshitta (Psalm 77:10)

Pastor Andy created his Theology on Tap videos to transform your current understanding of Christianity today.

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The Power of Language!

Lisa started her Everyday Comforts series to help those going through difficult times learn to depend on God's Word.

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November 14, 2020

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June 26, 2020

heart leaves
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Giving in person and online offers an opportunity to help keep Heavenbound alive, and to cheerfully support our various HeavenboundLogo ministries. You will be helping the church to keep up with payments for rent, supplies, bible study, food and so much more. Thank you for thinking of us!

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The Bible teaches us a basic guideline for giving (Leviticus 27:30), which is to Tithe. Tithing is an act of worship that expresses our gratitude, faith, love for others, as well as our support for our home church and its ministries. Click "Donate", and check the "Make this a monthly donation" box to start tithing today!


It's not just donations that Heavenbound needs, but Acts of Service! Show your support for the HB Community through your Positive Feedback, Fellowship, Attendance, Volunteering, and more. Ask Us how you can help today!


"He really taught me and my husband how to acknowledge each other. His teachings helped guide us and shifted our perspectives to truly enlighten and humble us.

We’ve been married for almost eight years and we continue to seek guidance from Pastor Andy as our relationship evolves and our family grows. Thank you, Pastor Andy!" - E.C.

"What I appreciate the most about Pastor Andy's theology and methods is that he is very open minded and encouraging...

I felt free to learn, question, challenge, and eventually develop a solid foundation for what religion means to me and how it affects my daily life" - C.C.

"Whatever your needs are, Pastor Andy will meet with you, take the time to get to know you and understand the look and feel of the wedding you're going for.

He's done this for years now, and he is truly a professional - yet it's obvious he has a passion for young couples and people in love." - J.K.

"My family lives in Northern California, but even though Pastor Andy lives in Southern California we still sought him out for help...

I appreciate all the time that Pastor Andy and his family took to help us. I am very glad to know that we can always talk to Pastor Andy anytime." - G.T.


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Watch more of Pastor Andy's and Lisa's thought-provoking and inspiring videos today!

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Pastor Andy and his wife Lisa have written many books in the hopes to challenge and inspire you to transform your attitude towards religion and life.

Please take a look at the books below, we encourage you Request a Copy today!

Suggested donation of $5 or more per copy, thank you!

Come To Your Senses: Losing Your Religion
by Pastor Andrew Choh

Come To Your Senses Book Cover

Pastor Andy's keen wit, sense of humor, and thought-provoking points will open your mind and get you thinking.

Preach What You Practice
by Pastor Andrew Choh

Preach What You Practice Book Cover

This book hopes to encourage you to look within your faith in order for Christ once again to reign in your life!

Everyday Comforts: 365 Days of Life-Saving Enlightenments
by Lisa Choh

Everyday Comforts 1 Book Cover

After a bad concussion, a doctor suggested that Lisa start writing to exercise her brain. She wrote of God's comfort to friends and family each day, which turned into this book!

Everyday Comforts 2: 365 Days of Life-Saving Encouragements
by Lisa Choh

Everyday Comforts 2 Book Cover

This book was written to remind everyone that God is here to meet with you during your life challenges.

Everyday Comforts 3: 365 Days of Life-Saving Enrichments
by Lisa Choh

Everyday Comforts 3 Book Cover

Lisa wrote this book to empower you as God's child, and to enrich you as you face each new day of unknown possibilities.

Weekly Comforts: 52 Articles to Restore Hope and Cheer
by Lisa Choh

Weekly Comforts Book Cover

Through her personal experiences, Lisa is able to provide insight, comfort, and support in everyday situations.

Weekly Comforts 2: 52 Articles of Encouragement, Faith & Promise
by Lisa Choh

Weekly Comforts 2 Book Cover

Lisa continues to write inspirational articles that spread the gospel and uplift your souls with joy!


We suggest a donation of $5.00 or more per PDF copy, and there's no limit to how many book titles you can request.

Contact Us to inquire about our limited paperback book availability!


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