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Wedding Services

Premarital Workout - The Groove

Are you thinking of getting engaged? When you are about to take the next step in your relationship, it is essential to go through Premarital Counseling together. It's always best to address any issues, concerns, or questions you might have before such an important decision as getting married. You can take comfort and have confidence in knowing that you're being guided by a seasoned expert! Check out Pastor Andy's Bio.



Wedding Officiant

Have you given any thought to what tone you want to set during your wedding ceremony? Do you want it to be Serious? Funny? Relaxed? Traditional? Personal? It is extremely important for your Officiant to get to know your personalities, and understand exactly what you both want to convey to your wedding guests during the ceremony. 

 Check out Pastor Andy's Bio!


Photography & Videography

Choh Productions
is our in-house, home grown Photography and Videography Service.  Check out their Bio and don't forget to take a look at their portfolio!

MC & DJ Services

Adagio Weddings
(MC/DJ): Adagio offers Southern California wedding entertainment through continuous innovation, expertise, and services that exceed the expectations of its clients and their guests. Check out their info here!

Choh Productions
(DJ/Photography/Videography): Jordan Choh has DJ'd a few weddings in between his other professional gigs working with his brother Jason on Photography and Videography. Find out more about them here!

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