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HB Member Yelp Review – J.K.

Pastor Andy was THE BEST officiant EVER!! My wife and I are a bit different(?), and we didn’t want a boring traditional wedding ceremony. Pastor Andy totally got in the groove, made everyone laugh and cry, and gave us such a memorable event – it was way beyond what we had even expected (and we had some VERY high expectations). It was such a fun unique event, and all the guests loved it. Whatever your needs are, Pastor Andy will meet with you, take the time to get to know you and understand the look and feel of the wedding you’re going for. He’s done this for years now, and he is truly a professional – yet it’s obvious he has a passion for young couples and people in love.

His counseling sessions, which we took before the wedding was mind-blowing. We had never seen things the way he explained it, and it really changed the trajectory of our relationship. We used to get into a lot of fights early in our relationship, but after his counseling, I look at my wife in a whole new light. It’s been almost two years now, and we are still very strong in our relationship, if not stronger than ever before. I know he’s written couple other books on Christianity in general, but I really wish he would write a book about the stuff he went over with us… it’s something 95% of the married couples out there are missing out on. The divorce rate in this country would be a fraction of what it is today if more people went through this before getting married. The wisdom and guidance are directly from the bible, but grounded in reality with the countless couples he’s counseled (and now you can count us in the mix as well). I haven’t the words to praise Pastor Andy enough, and his words of wisdom, counseling, and blessings are PRICELESS beyond all comparison. It literally changed the course of our relationship, and I look forward to growing old with my wife.  Go to Heavenbound CRC’s Yelp Page for more reviews