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Pastor Andy

Pastor Andy Bio

Pastor Andy has created a wonderful community for those around Cerritos, CA by starting his church Heavenbound CRC in 1994.  With his personal time and attention given to each and every person he encounters, Pastor Andy has been there for the HB community through thick and thin. Whether for weddings, or counseling, or just to ask him questions about religion and spirituality, he is willing to sit and talk with anyone. His door is always open, and his family has always opened their hearts and time for their church members, friends, and even strangers. His wife Lisa Choh is also a writer and motivational speaker, and his sons Jason and Jordan are the entrepreneurs of Choh Productions.

Pastor Andy has written books and started his Theology on Tap videos to open minds and hearts, challenge and transform your current understanding of Christianity today. Find out more about his books here:


If you are interested in learning more, looking for counseling options, need someone to talk to, or just want to meet Pastor Andy, please go to his new office hours Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:00PM to 8:00PM.

Contact Pastor Andy today to make an appointment:

Text/Phone: 310-291-6540









Cross Training

Pastor Andy has worked with people of all ages and at different stages in life, and from those experiences he has been able to develop his Bible-based counseling over the years. Constantly working with youth, singles, couples, married couples, and families, his door has always been open to help those in need. His work with couples, premarital counseling, and marriage counseling is a special interest of his, which is why he started Heavenbound's Cross Training - Train Yourself in the Cross series. All aspects of our lives are connected, and Pastor Andy believes that we all need to work on the Inner Core. Once we get on the right path, everything comes into place.









Wedding Officiant

Pastor Andy has had over 10 years of experience working with couples. Since founding his church Heavenbound in 1994, he has performed over 80 ceremonies as a Wedding Officiant. He has a keen sense of humor, easygoing personality, and great understanding of relationships. His wisdom and Biblical knowledge will guide you through one of the most important events of your lives. He's flexible and willing to work with you to make your wedding the best it can be, for the wedding couple as well as family and guests! He has even participated in a "flash mob" wedding performance, and sang and danced a little too!










Most people who've hired Pastor Andy to officiate their wedding have also continued their relationship with him as their marriage and family life has changed over the years. He has hosted Christenings,  Baptisms, 1 Year Birthday (Korean dol), Funerals, Celebrations of Life, and many other family events!

If you're interested in having Pastor Andy as an Officiant for any of your events, don't hesitate to contact us today. Please email us at, or use our contact form below.









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