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HB Sponsors

What is a Heavenbound Sponsor?

A HB Sponsor is a person, group, or business who would like to offer their talents and services as a way to encourage continuous donations to Heavenbound CRC and keep the church and community alive. There are many ways to participate such as: 

  • Providing Services for free in exchange for donations to the church
  • Providing Services for a set price and donating a percentage of each transaction
  • Providing Services for a set price and donating a set amount per each transaction
  • Offering to donate to Heavenbound whenever a customer mentions they were referred through the church
  • A business (or person who provides a service) that continuously donates/tithes to the church, and would like to have us advertise or refer them to others 

We invite you to become a sponsor by doing one or more of the above, or come up with your own creative ways to provide services that encourage donations to Heavenbound CRC! 

Please check out our current list of HB Sponsors, and contact us if you would like to become a sponsor today!

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