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Come To Your Senses 2

“The purpose of this book is not just to stir up a healthy debate among Christians, and it’s not to prove that my theology (opinion) is correct and every other is wrong. To be honest, the only purpose of the book is to encourage Christians to look within their faith and find Christ and Him crucified, in order for Christ once again to reign in our lives.

If you are a Christian reading this book, I pray that you will have an open-mind. I hope that you will have clarity reading this book and will change your theology…or that in the very least you will have clarity to understand that there are theologies that may differ. Remember that we worship the same Lord. Theology, after all, is just man’s opinion of the truth.

If you are not a Christian and you are reading this book, I pray that you will understand what it means to be a Christian, and through it will consider Christ as your Lord. I am pretty certain that you will enjoy this book because the message of Jesus was written to bring God’s righteousness to all, and to those who believe.” — Pastor Andy, 2014

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