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Come To Your Senses 1

Pastor Andy’s first book is a must read. He has a keen wit and sense of humor, and brings up a lot of thought-provoking points to get you thinking. He grew up in an evangelical church that taught the ideas of great reformers like John Calvin and Martin Luther, but his favorite teacher was an Eastern Orthodox priest, and he learned their tradition. Challenge yourself and what you know by taking a chance to learn something new!

“….It is most likely that some of the New Testament was first written in Aramaic, translated into Greek, then to Syriac (another Aramaic bible), then to Latin, and finally to the King James Version. Since then, many bibles were written in English and other languages using the Greek Text…I have been asking Christians for many years the following question: “Are you a sinner or a saint?” So far, 99% of the people I asked have said they are sinners, and I am deeply troubled by this. I am writing this book to convince as many people as I can why we should see ourselves as Saints…I pray that through this book, many of you will not look within yourself to find a sinner, but look to Christ who has made us righteous, or what I call “Saint”-ified, to be set free from rules and regulations and live an abundant life in Christ.” — Pastor Andrew Choh, 2012

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