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Cross Training

Train Yourself in the Cross

Change your life. Transform, Refresh, Renew, Be Born Again.
Train yourself in the Cross, and
Never look back.

What happens when you try to button your shirt, but you realize that you started with the wrong buttonhole? All the rest of the buttons will continue to go into the wrong hole, and your shirt will remain crooked. The only way to fix it is to to unbutton everything and start from the Beginning! Trying to cut the shirt, or sew it up doesn't fix the problem; you've got to get to the root of the original problem.

Pastor Andy developed his Bible-based Cross Training sessions to delve into the core issues that affect all aspects of your life. Change from the inside out, and you'll see how amazing things can become when you're transformed!

Life Workout - The Grandstand

Do you need help? Are you unsure of who you can really talk to, or trust to give you wise, sensible advice?  Do you seek change in your life, but don’t know how to start? Push aside the guilt and hangups you may have suffered from past mistakes, and propel to greater heights. Look to God as your lifesaver.  Learn to love yourself once again, and love others as Jesus has taught us! Learn more about Pastor Andy here.

Premarital Workout - The Groove

Are you thinking of getting engaged? When you are about to take the next step in your relationship, it is essential to go through Premarital Counseling together. It's always best to address any issues, concerns, or questions you might have before such an important decision as getting married. You can take comfort and have confidence in knowing that you're being guided by a seasoned expert! Learn more about Pastor Andy here.

Marriage Workout - The Grind

You've been married for awhile, but you're not sure where you stand anymore... Maybe you feel lost, confused, scared, frustrated, or tied in knots. Who can you turn to? Sometimes a fresh perspective from an experienced, caring mediator can completely turn things around. Start a new trajectory in your relationship built on a lasting foundation. Learn more about Pastor Andy here.