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Choh Productions

Choh Productions

Choh Productions was started in 2013 by Pastor Andy's two extremely talented sons, Jason and Jordan Choh.

Naturally adept in the arts, Jason and Jordan excel musically and have learned to play such instruments as violin, guitar, saxophone, piano, and drums. They are also self-taught dancers and singers, and Jordan has even performed at gigs as a wedding DJ. 

In October 2013, when a church member was getting married and Jason and Jordan wanted to get into Photography, Video, and Editing, Choh Productions was born. They volunteered to take some video and pictures with their DSLR camera, and put together a short beautiful video montage that was wonderfully edited and professionally put together. 

Since then, Choh Productions have been employed at events such as Weddings, Birthday Parties, 1 Year Dol Party (Korean 1st Birthday party), as well as Photo Shoots for successful clothing companies and Apps. Take a look a their portfolio, and get Choh Productions for your Photography & Videography needs!


Sery & Byong’s Wedding

Jae & Misa’s Wedding

Joshua Christopher’s Salon & Bubble Event

Fitness 19 Commercial

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