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About Us


Heavenbound CRC was started in 1994 and is located in Cerritos, CA.

Headed by Pastor Andy, it started with a group of close friends with a mutual need based on a desire to go beyond what the traditional church offers the community.  They shared one goal, indeed one mission: To reach those who fall through the cracks in the Community by offering God’s acceptance (grace), powerful transformation (Spirit), and effective witness.

Heavenbound will survive and flourish based on the biblical truth that we are made new (made righteous) by grace through Jesus Christ.  Our ministry will be undertaken with the common understanding that all have been made righteous, and that all will have the servant attitude based on the model of all the leaders throughout Scripture, primarily our Lord Jesus Christ.


As a part of its ministry, Heavenbound offers:
Sunday Service

Bible Study

Cross Training (HB Counseling Services)

  • Life "Workout" - The Grandstand
  • Premarital "Workout" - The Groove
  • Marriage "Workout" - The Grind
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Urgent Intervention

Wedding Services (Officiant, Premarital Counseling, Photography/Videography, & More)

Officiant Services (Weddings, Baptisms, Christenings, Funerals, Celebration of Life, & More)

Community Outreach Programs (Classes, Seminars, Theology on Tap, Women's/Men's Group)

If you are interested in learning more, looking for counseling options, need someone to talk to, or just want to meet Pastor Andy! Please go to his new office hours Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:00PM to 8:00PM.

Contact Pastor Andy today to make an appointment:

Text/Phone: 310-291-6540


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Heavenbound CRC

Serving Cerritos and surrounding area since 1994.

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18100 Dumont Ave.

Cerritos, CA 90703